Space Shuttle — Enamel Pin - Oktopolis - Enamel Pin
Space Shuttle — Enamel Pin - Oktopolis - Enamel Pin

Space Shuttle — Enamel Pin

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  • Did you know there were 6 Space Shuttles built? The first, Enterprise, was the prototype built without orbital capability. The other 5 were Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour.
  • Space Shuttles were responsible for launching the Hubble Telescope and and participated in construction and servicing of the International Space Station.
  • Show your pride for NASA and the space program every time your wear this Space Shuttle enamel pin.

Celebrate space exploration with this collectable enamel pin featuring the Space Shuttle. 

Do you love the Space Shuttle? Of course you do. We all have a story that connects us with the NASA Space Shuttle program. Here is mine.

As a boy I grew up watching re-runs of Star Trek on TV and like most American kids if I wasn't already interested in space exploration after watching the adventures of the starship Enterprise I certainly was after Star Wars was released in theaters. It seemed like all of America was looking toward the stars. I would build model kits of Apollo era rockets as well as the famous ships from Star Trek and Star Wars. Then it happened, NASA showed off the first Space Shuttle and named it Enterprise.

"As we are bringing our spaceships closer together, we are bringing our nations closer together." — NASA astronaut Jim Wetherbee as Space Shuttle Discovery rendezvoused with Mir

After years of testing Space Shuttle Enterprise NASA launched Space Shuttle Columbia in 1981. Watching those early Shuttles blast-off was an amazing site. The first manned spacecraft to be able to launch, orbit, land back on Earth, and then do it all over again. To a small kid in middle America it seemed just as incredible as anything Like Skywalker or James T. Kirk had ever accomplished. Even more so, because this was real. Over the years more shuttles would come including Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour. Between 1981 and 2011 a total of 135 Space Shuttle missions were flown, all launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The final flight of the Space Shuttle program was by Space Shuttle Atlantis on July 8, 2011

Space Shuttle enamel pin details

  • Colors: 4-brilliant enamel colors over silver colored metal
  • Dimensions: Each pin is approximately 1.25"-1.5" in size 
  • Clasp: Comfortable and safe black rubber pin back 
  • Card: Each pin comes mounted to a collectable keepsake 3"x3" card for show or display
  • Packaging: Each pin-on-card is protected by a resealable plastic sleeve

SHIPPING: Enamel pins are shipped via USPS Mail or USPS International Mail.

NOTE: Colors and metal finish may vary. Photographs shown for example only.

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