10 Secrets Every Star Wars Celebration Insider Should Know

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Attending Star Wars Celebration can be a bit like visiting Walt Disney World, there is so much to do and see. If you are not careful you might miss out on some of the best opportunities to make those perfect Star Wars memories. Here is our list of 10 secrets every Star Wars Celebration insider should know. 

10: Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Star Wars Celebration is at a new venue this year and while some things will feel familiar much of it will be new and different. If you are shy or introverted, or if this is your first Celebration it may feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t panic, Just ask. There will be plenty of staff, vendors, and other Star Wars fans to help you. We ALL love Star Wars and odds are you will be able to get fast answers from other fans in attendance as well as vendors, artists, and even celebrities. Just like you we are curious about all the exciting announcements being made at Celebration and may not know where to find that photo op, autograph line, or hidden bathroom. Who knows, in addition to a friendly answer you might even make a few new friends or get invited to a Star Wars party. Don’t be shy, just be friendly and the Force will be with you.


No one will tell you to "move along"... if you aren't sure where to find something, just ask.

9:  Be sure to search out all the photo ops

Ever pretend you are Han Solo quick drawing against Greedo? Ever want to ride a Speeder Bike through the forest of Endor? You can make those dreams come true by stopping by many of the large props and sets for the perfect photo op. Some of the prop builders may ask for a donation. They build these props and transport them to Celebration so don’t hesitate to support the cause. You are helping them and in exchange you will get a once in a lifetime photo to cherish. 


You could have gotten your photo on the iconic set of the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars Celebration Orlando in 2017.

8: Family Room Programming

No matter how enthusiastic kids are about Star Wars eventually they are going to need a break. Parents and kids can head to the family room to partake in one of the many activities. It’s a great place to sit down and relax while the kiddos learn from real Star Wars creators. One of the creators attending Celebration Chicago is Star Wars artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III who will be teaching a Star Wars drawing class for kids. Spencer will be teaching kids how to draw a new Star Wars character each day and participants will receive a collectable Star Wars Drawing Is Simple art-card to take home with them. Be sure to check the Family Room programming for all the great hands-on projects for kids each day… don’t worry, mom and dad can participate too if they like.


Mother and son make paper craft BB-8 droids in the Family Room at Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2016.

7: Life of the Party

After the show floor closes each evening there is always something going on during Celebration weekend. We love a good party and you’ll find several events happening each night. One of our favorites is the 501st Legion & Rebel Legion bash but you’ll need to purchase a ticket in advance from their website. Even if you miss the bash you will find other nightlife happening after show hours. Many of the hotel lobby bars turn into parties each night so don’t be afraid to mingle with others from a galaxy far, far away.


"Weird Al" Yankovic performs at the 501st Legion bash at Star Wars Celebration Orlando in 2017.

6: Find the Droids you are looking for

If you plan to attend a major panel, grab a Celebration exclusive, and meet a celebrity all in a certain time period you may be disappointed if one of those things take place in different buildings and you miss your time window. Using the Celebration maps to know where you are going will help your plans run smoothly. One item you should add to your must-see list is the droid builders room. This is the place you will find a variety of droids ranging from basic Mouse Droids to amazingly detailed R2 and BB units and everything inbetween. Many of the droids are functional and you will often find builders on hand to show the details of the droids and help point you in the right direction if you want to build your own. This year Droid Builders are in room W192. Be sure to consult the Celebration maps and seek it out because it is worth the visit! 


Artist Joe Corroney finds the droid he is looking for at Star Wars Celebration.

5: Bring a Poster Tube for the art show & celebrity photo ops

Anyone who has attended multiple Star Wars Celebrations knows the value of a poster tube to keep valuable collectables safe and make them easy to carry around the show while leaving your hands free. You can use your poster tube to collect art from art-show artist and then take that art to be autographed by celebrities. Other small collectibles will fit inside too. The best part is everything you collect stays in like new condition and you have a way to safely get everything to and from Celebration each day. Many poster tubes can be carried on a plane or even shipped back to your home after the show. A poster tube will be your Celebration MVP. Need some inspiration? Check out these poster tubes available from Amazon. Most are under $20. 


Expandable poster tubes with shoulder straps can be found for less than $20 from online retailers like Amazon.

4: Collect autographs & have something personalized for yourself or as a gift for someone who loves Star Wars

Okay we all know some celebrity autographs cost big money and if you can afford to get a few those that’s awesome. But did you know many of the Star Wars artists, writers, and other creators will sign for free? One sure way to score some free autographs is to visit the various art booths and art show tables. None of the artists charge for autographs and many are happy to personalize items they sign for you. Some artists will even draw a sketch of your favorite Star Wars character for you for a small fee so don’t hesitate to ask. 

Star Wars artist Joe Corroney signs autographs for fans at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in 2015.

3: You don’t always need cash

How many times have you found something unique to take home only to find yourself $10 short? You could find an ATM but by the time you get cash and come back that special Star Wars collectible could be sold-out. You may not need to run to the ATM. Many of the vendors accept credit cards as well as digital payment services like ApplePay, PayPal, and others. So while cash is king, don’t let a temporary cash shortage stop you form picking up that special Star Wars collectable. 


Pay for art, sketches, and other items using cash, credit card, or digital payment services like ApplePay and PayPal.

2: Show off your cosplay

It doesn’t matter if your cosplay is simple or elaborate, we want to see it and odds are others do too. Take time to walk the show floor in your costume. You’ll be asked to stop and pose for photos and make a ton of new friends along the way. Plus you might meet up with other costumed characters and see the show as a group. Who knows, you might even get stopped by a celebrity or someone from Lucasfilm who wants to meet you and get a pic. You never know who you will see on the show floor at Celebration.


Cosplayers stop for a photo op at Star Wars Celebration Orlando in 2017.

1: Skip the long lines and grab all the Art-Show exclusives

Did you know there is exclusive merchandise at Celebration available only to attendees and available nowhere else? You may have heard about lottery systems for some exclusives which can leave a lot of fans upset and empty handed. Art show prints are one of the few exclusives you can obtain with no lottery and without waiting in line for hours. Plus they tend to be limited to only 100-150 pieces from each artist so they are very rare. We’re talking about the Celebration Art-Show where approximately 30 artists are invited by Lucasfilm to create new Star Wars artwork just for Celebration. Each artist will have an exclusive print available and they will even autograph them for free. If you didn’t pre-order before the show you will find prints are on a first come first served basis so be sure to collect Star Wars art on your first day of Celebration. Some of the artists will be in the art show areas while others will have their own booths with a variety of Star Wars artwork available. Don’t miss your chance to pick-up these rare Celebration collectables (see the two maps below for help finding many of the art-show artist).



Brian Miller's STAR WARS: A Galaxy Far, far Away is just one of the many art-show exclusives available only at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. You will want to collect them all!

BONUS: Where to pick-up exclusives from Joe Corroney and Brian Miller

We hope you liked this top 10 list and want to remind you Joe and Brian will have new Star Wars art, some past Star Wars art you may have missed, and even some surprises in store for Star Wars Celebration Chicago. You can find Joe Corroney and Brian Miller at booth no. 3116 right inside the main entrance to the show floor. Make this booth your FIRST STOP and fill your new poster tube with art from these two Star Wars artists before all the new art is gone.  

New original Star Wars art from Joe Corroney will debut at Star Wars Celebration Chicago.


Celebration maps can help you plan your trip and keep you from missing out on exciting guests and exclusives.

Stop by booth 3116 in costume and get your pic with Star Wars artists Brian Miller & Joe Corroney at Star Wars Celebration.

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